Pediatric Dentistry

Smiling baby

After the age of three, usually children and have their teeth erupted, so regular monitoring is important because primary teeth help children chew, speak clearly, serve as maintainers natural areas (keep space open until the permanent teeth are ready to take their place) and also provide a structure to help shape the face. If baby teeth are lost too early can affect the displacement of permanent teeth, causing them to come out crooked and leading to malocclusion.

It is very important that from the first contact with the dentist, the child is treated by a specialist dentist, as a general dentist will never have to patience and tact can have a child specialist.

Your child needs to associate going to the dentist as a site at which to entertain, have a good time and of course, avoid all kinds of phobias to the situation, for it is very important the dentist, and have qualified specialists beyourself in dealing with children.

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