Advanced Implantology Program (DEIPA)



Just finalized with great success the last module of the first course in Implant Esthetics Expert, Regeneration and Advanced Periodontics

This course, led to implantologist / periodontist who has spent several years working, in order to update their knowledge and improve their surgeries to detail, clarifying all doubts, with renowned speakers, hand in hand, in a very small group, with clear objectives:

1. Correctly plan their treatments from a multidisciplinary perspective.

2. Incorporate guided surgery treatments to decrease intervention time and plan the proper placement of the implants.

3. Get maximum aesthetics in their surgeries, with proper soft tissue management.

4. Increasing bone volume in areas necessary, learning to properly apply the different techniques of regeneration.

5. Using digitized printing techniques to increase accuracy rehabilitations settings.

6. Learning to deal with cases of advanced surgery.

We had the collaboration of:

Surgery and Periodontics

– Dr. Juan Jose Aranda

– Dr. Jose Nart

– Dr. Markus Hüerzeler

– Dr. Ignacio Calatayud

– Dr. Ricardo Fernandez

– Dr. Juan Arias

– Dr. Ramon Soto-Yarruti

– Dr. Victor Mendez

– Dr. Ramon Gomez Meda

– Dr. Levi Cuadrado

– Dra. Carolina de Larroque

– Dra. Mahsa Khaghani



– Dr. Jose Aranguren

Maxilofacial Surgery:

– Dr. Cesar Colmenero Ruiz

– Dr. Ramon Martinez Corria

– Dr. Jose luis Cebrian

– Dr. Javier Gonzalez Martin-Moro


– Dr.Calos Oteo

– Dr. Farhad Vahidi

– Dra. Lucia Estéban- Infantes

– Dr. Ramon Garcia-Adamez

– D.Carlos Saavedra

– D.Manuel Ruiz Agenjo

– Dr.Carlos Falcao

– Dra. Susana Gil Krokun

Legal Implantology

– Dr. Julio Christian Pintado

Opinions I Edition DEIPA

“It was a fantastic course both for content and training team”

Dra. Mª Dolores Marco

“It has been the most rewarding Course for me yet”

Dr. Jaime Hernandez

“Excellent speakers, with great technical and practical contribution that makes you change the focus and quality of treatments”

Dr. Jose Juan Sotomayor

“Few courses in Madrid can be made with live patients and have the opportunity to track their evolution”

Dr. Ricardo Mory García

“Comprehensive course. Very good speakers and very good organizers”

Dra. Silvia de la Cruz Jimenez

“A great team of teachers who meet and exceed the expectations and objectives of a course in implantology”

Dr. Carlos Castillo

“Excelent course in every aspect”

Dr. Salvador Torres

Videos I Edition DEIPA

Photogallery DEIPA I Edition

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